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Opening, Opening, Opening, Performance, Party
Jan van Eyck Academie, 2007

A poster for an exhibition in the Jan van Eyck Academy with Marjoijn Dijkmann, Julie Peeters, Rachel Koolen, Marcia Hafif, Gilles Aubry, and Bar Vulkan, organized by MOCA MAAS, Hedah and Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht.

I took the freedom, which the "institutional space" Jan van Eyck gave me, to disregard the content of the exhibition and "hijack" the poster with a collection of own souvenirs. Therefore I used some of the images, which I found during my research on "blind spots".

We produced 5 posters - on each of them one image is missing. The flyers work similarly – but they show only one image on the front while the missing ones were printed on the back side.

I was very happy to see that the cleaning lady of the Jan van Eyck has a good feeling for composition. Contexts influence attenders. Present company included.